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Company Information

Listrom & Associates, LLC. originally formed as the training entity behind The Listrom Corporation. The Listrom Corporation began security operations with a single Midwest client in 1995, but grew into a nationally recognized leader in the industry providing general and specialized security services. The foundation of The Listrom Corporation was unparalleled service delivery at the highest of professional levels. The generalized service portion of the business was sold in 2003 in order that to maximize growth of our Specialized Services branch (now undertaken by Listrom and Associates). Listrom and Associates now provides security training and Special Operations targeting high value, high risk assets.

The key to the success in this endeavor has been the experienced law enforcement personnel that lead the Organization. President and CEO Randall Listrom is a twenty-nine (29) year veteran of public law enforcement, having spent twenty (20) years in Covert Operations (Narcotics and Intelligence) and is recognized as an expert in drug law enforcement issues. Mr. Listrom retired in 2005 at the rank of Lieutenant in charge of Emergency Operations. Mr. Listrom has provided training to law enforcement, security organizations and the general public throughout his career. Mr. Listrom served as an International Police Advisor (Deputy Chief of Police Transition Team in Wassit Province, Al Kut, Iraq) from February of 2007 through September of 2009, and served in Afghanistan (Operations Training in Kabul and Mentor Supervisor Helmand Province) from September of 2009 through December of 2013. In 2014 and 2015 Mr. Listrom provided international police training (Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking) to the Abu Dhabi Police Department (via Safety Gate Consultancy) in the United Arab Emirates as part of the Abu Dhabi Police Modernization Program​. Mr. Listrom served again as an International Police Advisor in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territory (Team Leader, Central Training Center in Jericho) from 2016 through January of 2019.

Listrom and Associates is proud to sponsor Legacy Global Police Standards (GPS). The program is designed to develop Desired Outcomes, Standards and Competencies (measured against Key Performance Indicators) of police organizations that are geo-political neutral. Utilizing evaluations tools provided, international police advisors are able to assess police operations in post conflict nations and to deploy provided training packets to increase performance level of police operations.

The focus of Listrom & Associates is in the areas of: 

        Security Officers
        Law Enforcement
•​Modeling International Police Missions
•Intelligence Division (Consulting & Special Operations)
•CIVPOL Mission Gear