For each sale of the CIVPOL Mission Gear, a $1 donation will be made to the International Police Survivors

The CIVPOL program involves the law enforcement community from throughout the world. These dedicated servants work in post conflict countries to ensure democratic policing to millions. The sacrifices of these officers, and their families, are many. Sadly, some CIVPOL participants have sacrificed their lives or have been severely injured. Show pride in your service with CIVPOL. Currently CIVPOL Mission Gear selections include shirts, business cards, mugs, cups and patches.  If you have a request for other items please contact us at the link below.

For additional information regarding the shirts and business cards, click contact us.

The patch can be customized to your mission.  For more information, please contact sales@listromcorp.com

Have a large order?  Discounts available for large orders - please contact sales@listromcorp.com.