The Importance of Training

Why is Training Important?

The security profession is one that is dynamic and fluid, which is to say that it changes on a constant basis. New threats emerge, and the profession responds. Not everyone is capable of being a law enforcement officer, and so too not everyone is capable of being a security officer. The requirements of the profession can be extreme, and calls for a person who is even tempered, works well under stress, shows good judgment and can work with little supervision.

Security is not a “program” or a “process”. Rather, security is an end result achieved by careful planning and professional implementation.

There is no single platform, process or program that achieves a secure environment. Rather, security is achieved by a combination of many platforms, processes and programs.

There is a training void for security officers employed by small and mid-size firms. This training void leads to the failure of security personnel to live up to client and employer expectations generally, and the failure of personnel to professionally respond to specific threats in times of crisis.

Recognizing that the vast majority of America’s assets are protected by the private sector thus creates concern over the level of security that is being achieved. Far too many security officers are not properly educated and prepared to meet the challenges of obtaining a secure environment or responding to potential security threats.

The purpose of this course is to train security personnel to a higher level of performance and thus ensure the human component responsible for our nation’s vast industrial and economic resources is prepared for the task.

What is the Benefit for Security Personnel to be Trained?

Trained Security Personnel can:

•More effectively detect and deter criminal activity 
•Handle conflicts more effectively, thus avoiding harm to themselves and others 
•Present themselves as authority by appearance and command presence 
•Make better decisions—Knowledge is Power 
•Perform at a higher level thus ensuring the human component responsible for our nation’s vast industrial and economic resources is prepared for the task 

Security Officers play a vital role in society—contingent of client expectations, they can provide immediate aid to the general public and deter criminal activity. 

Trained Security Personnel increase their value to both employers and client alike.