Advanced Basic Security Officer Training

The Advanced Security Officer training provides the security officer with specific security measures in regards to:

•Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
•Retail Security
•Apartment Security
•Warehouse/Office Building Security
•Event Security
•Patrol Procedures

Successful completion of the preceding course is required to take this training.

Before starting the training, please review and electronically sign the terms and conditions. Training cannot commence until we receive the electronic signature.

Modules in this training are:

​Module 9: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
9.1 Identify what CPTED stands for 
9.2 Identify the three principals of CPTED 
9.3 Identify the role of Access Control in CPTED 
9.4 Identify the impact of CPTED on crime 

Module 10: Retail Security
10.1 Identify two types of losses
10.2 Identify the role of access control
10.3 Identify effective retail security strategies 

Module 11: Apartment Security
11.1 Why is there crime at multi-housing locations
11.2 What crimes occur at multi-housing locations
11.3 How can crime be prevented at multi-housing locations
11.4 Non-crime issues at multi-housing locations
11.5 Working with apartment management
11.6 Effective strategies 

Module 12: Warehouse-Office Building Security
12.1 Identify the challenge of working in warehouse, manufacturing plant or office building environments.
12.2 Identify the need to check incoming or outgoing shipments.
12.3 Identify what must be present for interior access control to be effective. 

Module 13: Patrol Strategies
13.1 Identify the role of preventative patrols
13.2 Identify a common mistake in conducting patrol
13.3 Identify the steps in conducting patrols
13.4 Identify the need for Patrol Reports
13.5 Identify the need for Client Reports 

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