Incident Management Training

The Incident Management Training is also designed for supervisors and management in the security profession. Lessons include: 

•Role of Policy and Procedure
•Emergencies, Crisis's and Catastrophies
•Weapons of Mass Destruction
•Incident Command System
•What to Expect

Successful completion of the preceding courses is required to take this training.

Modules in this training are:

Module 17: The Role of Policy and Procedure
17.1 Identify the goals of Emergency Response 
17.2 Identify the characteristics of a Policy 
17.3 Identify the characteristics of Procedures 
17.4 Understand the role of Policy and Procedure in Emergency Response 

Module 18: Emergencies, Crisis's & Catastrophies 
18.1 Identify the organizational impact of an Emergency 
18.2 Identify the organizational impact of a crisis 
18.3 Identify the organizational impact of a catastrophe 
18.4 Identify the concept of potentiation 

Module 19: Weapons of Mass Destruction
19.1 Identify what BNICE stands for 

19.3 Identify the primary hazard of Radiological exposure 
19.4 Identify the primary hazard from incendiary devices 
19.5 Identify the primary hazard from chemical exposure 
19.6 Identify energetic material 
19.7 Identify the meaning of Positive Blast Pressure 
19.8 Identify the meaning of Negative Blast Pressure 
19.9 Identify the components of an IED 

Module 20: Incident Command System
20.1 Identify NIMS 
20.2 Identify ICS 
20.3 Who is in charge of a major incident 
20.4 Identify the components of ICS 
20.5 Why should security officers be aware of NIMS and ICS 

Module 21: What to Expect
21.1 What role does the security officer play in responding to Emergencies, Crisis, and Catastrophes? 
21.2 What is the first thing a security officer must do? 
21.3 Identify the most common error in response 
21.4 What is the first priority in emergency response? 
21.5 What is the second priority in emergency response? 
21.6 What is the role of sustainability? 
21.7 What conditions should Rapid Response Teams be prepared for? 

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